Excerpts from anonymous teaching evaluations:

  • “I absolutely loved Erik’s sections.  I developed a deep interest in the subject matter and I think this is mostly due to Erik’s amazing teaching style.”
  • “Great TA, every section was interesting and taught me something new.  Erik brought a new twist on every piece of subject matter.”
  • “Fantastic teaching style. Maintained a very inclusive environment in the class. Explained concepts covered in lectures and readings though very practical, relevant, and up-to-date examples. The class discussions were so interesting and insightful that I never wanted the recitation to be over. I wouldn't mind if it was 2-3 hours long instead of one. I was extremely lucky to have Erik as a TA.”
  • “Excellent TA for this class; grading was fair and extremely well justified. His lectures and presentations were also great.”
  • “Super engaging, approachable, and knowledgeable. Really enjoyed the class on Prediction Markets when Erik presented. Excellent overall!"
  • “One of my favorite TAs I've ever had at MIT. Recitations were engaging and interesting. The topics selected were relevant and presented well. Erik is also very personable and adds a lot of humor in his teaching, which makes for a very fun class.”
  • “The most engaging and fun TA I've had. Also extremely accommodating and kind.”


Solo taught teaching experience:

  • Managerial Psychology (MIT grad/undergrad course; 2015-2017)
    • Teaching Evaluations:
      • 2015: 6.7/7
      • 2016: 7/7
      • 2017: 7/7


teaching ASSISTANT experience:

  • Strategic Organization Design (Prof. Tom Malone, MIT MBA course; 2017-2018)
  • Strategic Communication for Executives (Prof. Neal Hartman, MIT Exec. MBA course; 2016)
  • Animal Behavior (Prof. Jonathan Waage, Brown University undergrad course; 2009)



  • Prediction Markets and Other New Forms of Group Decision Making
    • Strategic Organization Design (MIT MBA course)
  • Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work
    • The Singularity and Related Topics (MIT MBA course)



  • Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (MIT)
    • Advised five undergraduate research assistants on topics in diversity, incentives, and team dynamics
  • Collective Intelligence Research Course (Brown University)
    • Organized and led a research independent study course for undergraduate students